Brandon Morrison is...

a software engineer with artistic ability

nostalgic for old Facebook status styles

interested in chatting

a technical leader

Hello! I’m a software engineer based in Nashville, TN. My expertise in building and maintaining useful web applications comes from years of experience working in and consulting with newsrooms and publishers across the country.


Between 2011 and 2014, I was very involved with the Drupal community as a maintainer and contributor on several geospatial-related modules. I was the lead maintainer for Geofield, a module for storing geospatial content in the Drupal database. During my tenure Geofield became one of the leading methods for working with geospatial data in Drupal 7, with an install base of over 40,000 active installations.

I currently run a Javascript newsletter called “All Tests Pass.” This weekly email gives subscribers a chance to flex their debugging skills against interesting coding challenges.

Speaking engagements

I’m excited about telling stories in innovative ways using tools like data visualization, mapping, and chatbots. You can catch me at meetups and conferences speaking on these and other development topics.


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